Glossbrenner Mansion – Exclusive Black Plate Venue!

This one is at the top, because it houses our very own exclusive event space! We love it here—it’s like home (if, you know, we lived in a 2.5 story, 30,000 square foot, historic Tudor-Revival mansion). The Glossbrenner’s exquisite stone carvings, leaded and stained glass windows, hardwood floors, and original oak/mahogany/Circassian walnut paneling present the perfect setting for cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners, showers, brunches, teas, and smaller weddings. Oh, and the walls are just plastered with important, original Indiana artwork.

Step back in time, and experience grand ole Indianapolis as it once was. (Don’t worry, we won’t make you eat aspic.)

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Indiana Landmarks Center

Indiana Landmarks’ historic headquarters, located near downtown Indianapolis, offers several unique spaces to host your wedding, party, or conference. Lavish woodwork, vibrant stained glass, and soaring architecture add oodles of class to your event. Just oodles.

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Rhythm Discovery Center

This fun, groovy venue definitely marches to the beat of its own drum—in the best way possible. Host an event here, and your guests not only party in one of the most unique locations in the city, they also get exclusive access to the museum and all its hands-on percussion displays.

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Tinker House Events

Killer views of the Indy skyline, century-old architectural features, and one of the coolest bars around, this is a venue for the hip-and-with-it crowd (and the not-so-hip-and-with-it crowd who wants to appear hip and with it). Gotta level with you—our food tastes great paired with all that vintage industrial charm.

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The Speak Easy (Downtown and Broad Ripple)

Create. Collaborate. Learn. And party, of course. These venues cater (no pun intended) primarily to the business crowd—need to wow your clients with a hearty luncheon or classy cocktail hour in a chic, professional atmosphere? We’ll meet you at The Speak Easy.

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Indiana Statehouse

It doesn’t get much more civic than this. Let the history and grandiosity of our noble Hoosier state flavor your special occasion. Take it from us—the ornate columns and statues add more spice to your spread than salt and pepper ever could.

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West Market Conference Center

They may be one of the most affordable event venues in Indy, but that doesn’t mean they’re short on class. West Market offers a private club atmosphere in the heart of the city—and with on-site parking! (For a small fee, of course…it is downtown, after all.)

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McGowan Hall

Located in Indy’s picturesque Old Northside neighborhood, this gem of an event center boasts as much history as it does charm. Which is to say, it has heaps of both!

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The Pavillion at Pan Am Plaza

Feeling flashy? Why not rent out an entire city block, smack dab in the middle of downtown Indy? (Well…maybe not smack dab in the middle. There’s some kind of monument there. But it’s quite close to smack dab in the middle, and it’s pretty fabulous.)

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Historic Ambassador House

If the hustle and bustle of downtown Indy isn’t quite your style, the Historic Ambassador House and Heritage Gardens probably is. Located in Fishers, this beautifully preserved 1800s house offers a quaint, quiet setting for your special events.

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Indy Convergence

You know what goes great with our food? Art. Lots of art. Local art and art with a conscience. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Indy Convergence, you’ve got to check them out. We love this venue!

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Avon Wedding & Event Barn

Rustic chic is so in, and the Avon Wedding & Event Barn offers six full acres of it. Hold your soirée inside the 100-year-old Amish barn, or take things outdoors in the surrounding nature. They even have an authentic babbling brook that will charm the pants off your guests. (Hopefully not literally.)

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