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Party Like It’s 1959

Published October 28, 2019

We see you there in your 1950s house dress and apron, rocking those heels, running that Dyson like a champ. We spy you at your desk working on guest lists (well, maybe it was power shopping on Amazon) til midnight. We waved at you on your third trip to the grocery knowing the first two stores didn’t have the elusive organic cilantro—again.

Okay, maybe the 1950s garb was a stretch. 

Sometimes it’s hard to hit “idyllic” during the chaos of the holidays. The To-Do List contains about a thousand items that can ONLY be done by you. Clone, anyone?

Those on-screen ladies of yesteryear were glamorus, happy, and alarmingly one dimensional. Let’s all take a minute for a group eye roll, shall we? Still, if you’re trying to impress your clients, your guests, or even your mother in law, you can’t go wrong with a little retro perfection…especially if you are 2000s savvy enough to let someone else take care of the details. That’s where we come in.

Hello, Carol. 

Let’s face it, a full time housekeeper would make day-to-day existence a whole lot easier. But until Alice enters your life, let us serve up casual sophistication with a mid-day brunch that will not only accommodate your guests’ busy schedules but allow you to actually visit, rather than running back and forth to the kitchen to refill the fruit bowl. A balanced medley of sweet and savory options start the day off right, and our Sun Dried Tomato Basil Cheddar Strata (say that 3 times fast) is so pretty it’s sure to highlight all those holiday decorations you’ve been slaving over. Because if we’re doing the cooking, you’ll definitely have time to string a full bog’s worth of cranberries onto that tree.

Everyone Loves Lucy—and You. 

You’re a total Lucy—you are the life of the party and enjoy offering a wide variety of foods that work well in an energetic atmosphere. Keep that party spirit alive and well—and avoid impending (but hilarious) disaster—by letting us handle the details. Think shareables and takeables and finger-foodables that allow your guests to get their fill of schmoozing and nibbling all at once. It is simply a genius way to host an event. We even have a selection of bacon-themed delights, because what does the world love more than Lucy? Bacon.

Oh, Samantha…

Showing off your hostessing talents may be as easy as wiggling your nose, but adding delicious cocktails and other bar items while you work your magic is a dream come true. Bewitch your crowd with tantalizing beverages and a delightful (yet professional) staff to keep the drinks flowing throughout the night. From ad execs to great Aunt Clara, we have the perfect drink and the know-how to serve them up right.

You, Too, Can Be Just Like June.

If you adore the elegance of a formal sit down dinner where everyone can enjoy a beautifully plated meal…but don’t mind skipping the part where you do all the tedious work…let us step in and create an air of effortless and class. Our Curried Apricot Dijon Chicken Breasts, paired with one of our exotic salads, is June Cleaver worthy without the fuss. 

Do it Wilma’s Way.

You really can’t go wrong with platter of meat—just ask Wilma Flinstone! We don’t have Dino Ribs on the menu, but what we do have will wow your guests just the same. Serve up our Pork Rib Tips with all the sides, or try our Balsamic Roasted Tenderloin for a real yabba-dabba-do. You supply the sashay and the rock necklace, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Put your feet up, grab an Old Fashioned, and watch us plan your next get together. You’ll be busy enough this season doing all the things that truly matter to you—let us take the food part off your plate (so to speak). While you’re at it, ditch the vacuum. People will be so busy eating, they’ll never even notice the house.

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