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Chase Away the Winter Blahs

Published January 15, 2020

Welcome to January. The pressure is off, folks. You made it through the holiday season like a champ (or you didn’t and nobody really noticed, which is still a win). You have approximately three days before the relief of January merges into the January blahs—that period of time where cabin fever sets in, and you feel BORED, and you miss all your friends, and you want to do something FUN in this dreary state where the sun hardly ever shines from November through March.

We get it. We hear you. It’s time for a little casual entertaining. People’s calendars are a little lighter, and your friends are likely feeling the same and are ready to get out for a little reprieve. Be a good host. Give them something to smile about.

Let’s discuss the reality. The bar for January is low—way low. You don’t need a fancy theme or even fancy food. You simply need an excuse. Stuck for ideas? That’s where we come in. Here are a few gems to get the ball rolling and break you out of that beastly mid winter funk.

Card Night

Pick a game or a few, and settle in for some friendly competition. You’ll need tables (they don’t call them “card tables” for nothin’), a few decks of cards, great food, and you are good to go. It doesn’t get any more Indiana than Euchre, paired with our Sweet Home Indiana Package of course, which features fried chicken, pork tenderloin, and Grandma’s green beans, along with other Hoosier favorites.

Watch the Game

No matter who wins or loses it’s always great fun to get together and watch the game. Arrange some extra comfy seating, fill the kitchen counter with easy-to-eat favorites, and get ready to cheer or boo loudly, depending on the moment. You can’t go wrong with our Tempting Tastes hors d’oeuvres buffet, including such finger food faves as Memphis Meatballs and Sweet Hot Bacon Bites. We can even bring along a bucket or two of winter craft beers, so you never miss a play.

Reading Retreat

We all want more time to read by the fire and just relax, don’t we? Introverts rejoice, this is for you. It’s sorta social, it’s sorta not. Our Celebration Brunch supplies all the right ingredients for your book club meetings, discussion groups, poetry readings, and lazy Sunday read-fests. Any of our Flat Pan Quiches, paired with Mixed Berry French Toast and fresh fruit, will whisk you and your guests off to a literary fantasy land in no time.

And there you have it—post-holiday entertaining as simple as our Individual Lattice Top Apple Pies. Give us a call, and let’s chat about how to kick the blah out of this Indiana winter. Your friends and family will thank you for busting them out of the cold-weather doldrums.

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