We’ve got personality (but not too much).

Look…if you’ve read this far, you’ve probably gathered that we have personality to spare. And it’s true—without tooting our own horn too obnoxiously, we are quite fun to work with. But we also know when to step back and blend into the scenery. As one client put it, we are adept at offering “quiet, attentive, unobtrusive service.” Because that’s really what it’s all about—your event, your big moment, your time to shine. We just offer some polish.

With that in mind, we only recruit the friendliest, most professional folks to join our team. We offer service with a smile—but not the forced smiles that have been shamed into most customer service workers. These are genuine smiles, because we love our job, and we love making you and your guests just as happy as can be. (And sometimes we have food fights. But just after hours, we promise.)