Who are we?

We’re just about the best dang catering boutique in Indy. (At least, that’s what our moms say).

Familial praise aside, Black Plate Catering is dedicated to providing you and your guests with gourmet food solutions and superior service. Whether you need full-on event design, catering with onsite staffing, or just cuisine or bar service, we are experts at helping to solidify your reputation as the host or hostess with the most (or mostest).

Quality, elegance, professionalism, personality…count on us to bring taste to your table.

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Once upon a time, little Keith Little discovered a talent. It wasn’t meal planning or cooking or event design. Not yet, anyway. Little Keith Little discovered flower arranging.


We offer service with a smile—a genuine smile, at that. Because we love our job, and we love making you and your guests just as happy as can be.


We’ve gotta put them somewhere. So here is where we put them. Read on to learn more about our policy statements, service personnel, rental information…all that fine print in one convenient location.